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  • I would like a custom-made sign, having a different size from the standard ones. Can I buy it from Pixlemon?

    Yes, but for custom-made signs, it is necessary to contact Pixlemon directly, via telephone or e-mail. We will be able to give you a quotation according to your requirements. Go to the page Contacts

  • I am not a legal entity and I do not have a VAT registration number. Can I buy some signs from Pixlemon?


  • Is there a minimum amount for online purchases?

    No, there is no minimum amount.

  • What is the average charge for shipping?

    Shipping charges vary according to the destination.

  • How can I pay?

    You can pay with PayPal / credit card, a safe method used internationally. If you do not have a PayPal account you can use your credit card. Or you can pay in advance via bank transfer.

    Here are our bank details:
    pay to PIXLEMON SRL:

    IBAN: IT94A0585612001137571358882
    BIC Swift: BPAAIT2B
    Volksbank Banca Popolare

  • What is your lead time?

    We store in our warehouse 2,500,000 signs, therefore we are generally able to deliver the goods to the forwarder in 24/72 hours (excluding on bank holidays). Anyway, even in case of large quantities, items that are not immediately available in stock, we never take longer than 8/10 working days to deliver the goods to our forwarder.

  • The system is too slow and I can't complete the order online. What can I do?

    If you are using Internet Explorer, please install Firefox or Google Chrome, and all your problems will be solved.
    Download Firefox
    Download Chrome

  • What regulation do your fire signs refer to?

    In the page Technical Details, you will find a list of all the regulations our signs refer to. Go to Technical Details

  • Are the colors and shapes of the signs established by the regulations?

    Yes. Prohibition signs are round, the icon is black on a white background; the border is red and the band too (the red color must cover at least 35% of the surface of the sign; the band has a 45° inclination, from top left to bottom right). Warning signs are triangular, the icon is black on a yellow background (the yellow color must cover at least 50% of the surface); the border is black. Mandatory signs are round, the icon is white on a blue background (the blue color must cover at least 50% of the surface). Rescue signs are square or rectangular, the icon is white on a green background (the green color must cover at least 50% of the surface). Signs for fire equipment are square or rectangular, the icon is white on a red background (the red color must cover at least 50% of the surface).

  • What do I do when I receive a damaged package?

    Make sure your package is intact upon delivery. Should it be damaged or you notice that it has been mishandled, add this sentence when you sign the courier’s delivery note: “I HEREBY SIGN SUBJECT TO INSPECTION” and SPECIFY THE DAMAGE VISIBLE ON THE PACKAGE. Only when you add this sentence is it possible to apply to the courier for a compensation for the damaged articles or for their replacement. If you have received damaged goods, please notify us immediately and attach a photograph to document the damage.
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