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Sign n° 48 (Carcinogenic)

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Product description
Sign n° 48 (Carcinogenic)
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# Material and application Measures
White adhesive cm 2x2
White adhesive cm 2.8x2.8
White adhesive cm 4.3x4.3
White adhesive cm 5.7x5.7
White adhesive cm 12x12
files/cartelli/10680080/dettaglio.jpg files/cartelli/10680080/zoom.jpg 3,70 2,50 1,50 1,20 Sign n° 48 (Carcinogenic)
files/cartelli/10680080/dettaglio.jpg files/cartelli/10680080/zoom.jpg 3,70 2,30 1,40 1,20 Sign n° 24 (Carcinogenic)
files/cartelli/10680080/dettaglio.jpg files/cartelli/10680080/zoom.jpg 4,00 2,60 1,50 1,20 Sign n° 12 (Carcinogenic)
files/cartelli/10680080/dettaglio.jpg files/cartelli/10680080/zoom.jpg 3,80 2,50 1,50 1,20 Sign n° 6 (Carcinogenic)
files/cartelli/10680080/dettaglio.jpg files/cartelli/10680080/zoom.jpg 2,80 2,10 1,30 1,10 Sign (Carcinogenic)
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